Join us in our newest initiative to close the loop and promote circular, conscious fashion and shopping, CMTB CIRCULAR.

Return a preowned piece purchased from us to be resold via CMTB CIRCULAR and receive a free gift card for 25% of the purchase price to spend when you next choose to shop.

Buying pre-owned is the most sustainable way to shop, giving new life to pieces that may be gathering dust in one wardrobe, but have the potential to be adored in another. 

It helps to keep clothing out of landfill and slows the demand for new production. Plus, it is the perfect option for our community who love our curation, but buying new is a little out of reach for their budget.


What can be returned?

The item must have been purchased via our boutique or online store with proof of purchase. We don't have a time frame cut-off because we'd love to see some true vintage pieces come through from our early days!

Items submitted must be laundered and in great condition. Please note any minor wear and tear (if any) in your submission. Items in perfect condition will be given first preference.

We will curate the best pieces for our buy-back program, but chosen items will be at our discretion. You are welcome to submit as many as you like!

At this stage we are accepting returns for clothing and accessories only. Swimwear, Underwear, Jewellery and Self Care items are not returnable.

What if I have a very special piece that I think is worth more than 25% of the purchase price?

We offer CMTB Circular Unicorn which is a premium inspection service for extremely special, rare, unicorn pieces. We will respond to your return request with a tailored store credit offer (of 25% of the purchase price or higher), taking into account the quality and anticipated demand for the item.

What if I purchased my item on sale?

You are most welcome to submit an item that was purchased on sale! Your gift card value will be 25% of the price that you paid for that particular item, not the original RRP.

How do I submit a return?

SUBMIT YOUR RETURN HERE. Here, you will need to enter all the nitty gritty details as prompted. We will also request a few images of the item prior to approval.

If approved, where do I send my return?

You can send your return to:

29 Tasman Terrace
Port Lincoln, SA 5606

Customers will need to cover the cost of returning the item(s).

Where can I shop CMTB CIRCULAR?

Our preowned curation will be available to shop via our Depop page. You can follow us here.