Ethos and Sustainability


Here at Call Me The Breeze we want to leave as small a footprint as we can as a small business. Almost all of our brands are very active in the sustainability movement, creating products using recycled and sustainable fabrics and running their brands in an low-impact manner. These brands are setting the standard and our goal is to follow suit.

With our own brand of Call Me The Breeze accessories, we work with small, family owned artisans in Morocco, Madagascar, China and India. Our beaded bags are handmade by a farmer in his home in China and our raffia footwear is woven by a womens co-operative in Morocco, where the women (often mothers) work from their own homes. Working with these small-scale producers, sometimes our products arrive 'perfectly imperfect' but we would rather support these artisans who create our products in smaller, more sustainable quantities.

We are also committed to engaging in socially responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices. We work with manufacturers who are Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) accredited, which is a code of conduct that monitors & supports 11 key principles ranging from fair remuneration to ethical business behaviour. This framework helps us to ensure our suppliers are in line with the values of our brand.

We are in the process of gathering more information for our customers on all of our manufacturers so we are completely transparent as a brand. If you have any questions in the meantime, or any feedback you can offer us please reach out at


All of our orders are packaged as plastic-free as possible. We package our orders in acid-free tissue paper and use 100% home compostable mailing satchels. Our mailing satchels by Better Packaging Co can simply be thrown in with your food scraps and they will be gone within a couple of weeks. The satchels can also be reused and resealed to return your orders to us.

All delicate orders or Call Me The Breeze Accessories orders will be packaged in our 100% linen drawstring bags which can be reused as fresh produce bags, bread bags, kids toy storage... There are endless uses!