Semper Femina

Introducing our Semper Femina campaign, piecing together our much-loved (and a handful of brand new) accessories, entwined in a narrative of womanhood.

This collection is a crossroads of bygone eras and contemporary styles that we want to wear, now. Reimagining vintage favourites for the modern Boheme, exploring texture, natural fibres and dreamy neutral tones.

Meaning 'woman is ever a fickle and changeable thing', our Semper Femina campaign is inspired by the beautiful complexity that is being a woman. Delicate strength. Indisputable femininity. With a nod to our favourite retro-sensibilities, we have curated looks in a storybook setting, somewhere by the sea.

Photographer: Jess Ruby James
Stylist: Remy Bernhardt
Model: Bella Thomas




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